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Our Training Services

Virgo288 Nigeria Limited in partnership with HOT Engineering of Vienna, Austria. offer training with regards to the gap in knowledge of the dynamics in modern oil and gas service delivery in the areas of Geology, Geophysics, Petrophysics, Reservoir Engineering, Production Engineering, Facility Engineering and drilling well completions services.
A guided training on the various areas with gaps would provide an immediate impact on the processes of operations for proper understanding staffs and personnels of each sector in their service delivery, and help guide their decisions in meetings and approval of budget costing with regard to operations and approval of expected services carried out on every projects within the operating system.
The training is so designed to meet the needs of each staff with minimum effort to learn and understand in the work area as the training is loaded with hands on in every area of the course and practical demonstration of every aspect of the training, with so much interactive session to provide the needed voice for each staff at all point of the training.
The courses cover all area of operations for both field staffs, office based staffs, supervisors, managers and management staffs.
The flexibility of our training is the core of the delivery to all participating staff from the system.
This would go a long way to change the working paradigm of each and every participants in their approach to projects before them and their operating partners.

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